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UPQ Certification is a worldwide leader in the testing, inspection and certification sector. We are a trusted partner, enhancing the quality and safety of our clients’ assets and infrastructures while safeguarding their operations and improving their environmental performance. Our innovative approach, technical capabilities and highly-skilled and motivated workforce of over 240 employees assure operational excellence across multiple sectors in more than 70 countries.

We offer a complete portfolio of solutions that address a range of needs, from asset integrity management to statutory compliance-based inspections. We place a strong emphasis on technological development, digitalisation and innovation, as well as having the latest knowledge of regulatory requirements.

6 Reasons To Work With UPQ CERTIFICATION


Win more business

Get the attention of your potential customers by working with Upqcert, which is in more than 70 countries with its international accreditation and technical skills. Earn more business.


Consistent, repeatable processes

We know that quality and reliability are very important for your business. We do our best to maintain your quality internationally.


Stand out from competitors

Stand out from your competitors by documenting your business internationally. You can benefit from our certification, testing and reporting services.


Improve efficiency

Are you ready to reach maximum efficiency in your business? When you certify your Upqcert business, your operating efficiency increases. Employees are ensured to reach maximum efficiency.


Impress existing clients

Upqcert is known in 70 countries around the world with its accreditation and technical skills. Prove your strength by working with Upqcert in tes, report and certification services.


Achieve operational excellence

Realize the interaction of all processes in your business with each other. Achieve operational excellence internationally.

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UPQ certification has proven itself at the international level and was established to provide certification, testing, analysis and laboratory services in the world with its technical experts and accreditation skills. The services it provides have international validity. Work with UPQ to make a difference to your competitors.

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